Writing Samples


“The Dragon and the Princess”: This is the first of the two stories I used in most of my 2013 graduate school application portfolios.

“Confidentiality”: This is the second of the two. I also read an abbreviated version of it at the 2013 Undergraduate Symposium.

Critical Writing

“Dazzling in White”: I wrote this essay in the summer of 2011 for a class called “Poetry and the Political.” It was inspired by Keats’s complaint that Newton’s explanation of the rainbow phenomenon ruined its beauty, and the question of whether science and poetry are compatible. (My position: yes.)

“Autobiography through Adaptation”: This is my final research paper for a Shakespeare class in fall, 2012. It combines my studies in literature and psychology by looking at Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Macbeth as a projective test (similar to Rorschach inkblots).

Online Publications

“Gibbs” (annotated): I prepared an annotated version of Muriel Rukeyser’s poem about Willard Gibbs.

“Warrior Princess: Reflections on Disorder”: When The Smoking Poet published a piece on my poetry professor, they included several student poems. Mine is at the bottom, thanks to the magic of alphabetizing.

Some Methods

Some Methods: Once, I said I was going to write a series of posts about and demonstrate the methods I use when preparing to write a novel. That series failed, but here’s the list of methods, some of which are not really preparatory, for casual perusal.

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