[insert card pun here]

After doing months of research, using up all my print credit and then some, submitting thirteen applications, and wishing I at least had some pins and needles to wait on so as to be a little more comfortable, my graduate school plans are taking shape. This fall, I’m going to begin working on a master’s degree in creative writing at Ball State University, home of the cardinals (a.k.a., the cards).

This plan, of course, is predicated upon me completing my undergraduate degree, and that is why this post is so brief. Once I’ve finished my end-of-term work, I’ll go into more detail about where I’m headed with all of this.

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5 Responses to [insert card pun here]

  1. Justine Musk says:

    Truly awesome. That is all. xo

  2. Marcia says:

    Does this mean if you dress up on Halloween, you’re a Card in a Costume? Yar har har har har har.

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